Arcana LodgeArcana Lodge #187
Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

920 Lowry Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Meeting on Second and Forth Mondays of each month at 7:30 PM

Arcana Lodge Photo Gallery

Arcana Entered Apprentice Degree
Three new EA members initiated on September 30, 2013 - the 124-year anniversary of Arcana's first stated meeting in 1889

EA Degree 9/30/2013

Anoka Royal Arch Masons
Perform Past Masters Allegory at Arcana May 13, 2013

Anoka Royal Arch Masons Past Master Allagory

Arcana Master Mason Degree
on Saturday, May
11th, 2013

MM Degree 5/11/2013

MM Degree 5/11/13

Arcana Master Mason Degree
on Saturday, June 2
nd, 2012

Master Mason Degree, June 2, 2012

Pictured from left Front row: Br. Mike Flueckiger, New Brothers Joseph Novak, Bill Richards, and M. Justin Thompson, WM Joshua Anderson, and Br. Mark Blegen. 
Back row: Br. Herman Jackson, WB Mark Moriarty, Br. John Wallach, WB Don Nolley, WB Ted Martz, WB Foster Solem, Br. Jim Breiter. Not in photo MWB Don Severson, and WB Doug Roswold.

 Arcana Captured Anoka's BFG and Templar's Flag

Arcana Captured the B.F.G. (Big Fraternal Gavel) from Anoka Lodge #30, and Templar Lodge #176's Templar Flag

Arcana Visit's Templar Lodge July 11, 2011

Arcana visits Templar Lodge

Arcana Lodge brings over 20 members and friends to capture the Templar Lodge traveling Flag.

Arcana to Templar road trip

Arcana's classy ride to Templar Lodge thanks to Trolley Car Driver WB Joe Macko

Master Mason Degree June 11, 2011

New members

From left New Brothers Jake Blegen, Shad Mammel, MWB Donald Severson, New Brothers Randy Brown Sr., and James Breiter.

New Members, officers, and Guests

Front Row from Left: Br. Mark Blegen, Br. Jake Blegen, Br. Shad Mammel, MWB Donald Severson< Br. Randy Brown Sr., Br. James Breiter, Br. Larry Ranallo.
Second Row from Left: WB Don Nolley, Br. Mike Flueckiger, Br. Nick Settich, WB Mark Moriarty, Br. Joshua Anderson.

1953 Bethel #19 Job's Installation
 at Arcana Lodge in the originial building before the fire.

Hiram Award Presented to WB David Sibben

Hiram Award Presentation October 16, 2010.  From left WM Mark Moriarty and WB Dave Sibben


WB Dave's wife Dee received a special gift from WB Ted Martz and his wife Lori


The group in attendance to honor WB Dave.


Arcana Lodge 50-Year Award Presentations

From the left: WB Don Nolley, 50-Year Brother Steve Clark, Brother Jason Halda receiving Scottish Rite Certificate, WM Mark Moriarty


From the left: WB Don Nolley, Brother Martin B. Imbertson from Mesaba Lodge No. 255 in Hibbing, WB Mark Moriarty


Two Old Friends from Hibbing: WB Ken Odegaard and 50-Year Brother Ben Imbertson


Arcana Lodge Master Mason Degree

Master Mason Degree held on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Front row from left: WB Ken Odegaard, new member Br. Larry Ranallo, MWB Don Severson, new member Br. Nick Settich, WM Mark Moriarty


Hiram Award Presented to MWB Donald M. Severson

Hiram Award Presentation October 11, 2009.  From left WM Mark Moriarty, MWB Donald M. Severson, Grand Master of Minnesota Masons MWB Thomas G. McCarthy


MWB Don sharing


The group in attendance to honor MWB Don.


Anchor - Hilyard Master Mason Degree

MWGM Alex D. Horne (PHGL), WMB Donald M. Severson (PGM GLMN), And RWB Kymphus Turner (GJW PHGL).

Tuesday, October 7, 2009 Anchor - Hilyard Lodge #2 F & AM raised three new members at the Arcana Lodge Masonic Center.  Anchor - Hilyard's Prince Hall Masonic Temple suffered damage earlier in the year and Arcana was very happy to be able to offer a helping hand to our Prince Hall brothers in need on such an auspicious occasion as the raising of their new members to the sublime degree of Master Mason.

Arcana Lodge Awards Night

Officers, Members and Guests of Arcana Lodge on Awards Night, September 28, 2009 including our District Representative, Area Deputy, and 50-Year Members PGM Don Severson and Harry Sarich.


From the left, District Representative Don Nolley, Area Deputy Lee Dorholt, Grand Master Most Worshipful Thomas McCarthy, Worshipful Master Mark Moriarty, PGM Don Severson and Brother Harry Sarich.

Arcana Lodge Installation of 2009 Officers

WB Doug Roswold, Br. Stan Leino, WB Chuck Berger, WB Mark Moriarty, Br Josh Anderson, Br. Mike Flueckiger, WB Kevin Erickson


Arcana Lodge Awards Night, Monday, October 24, 2005

District Representative WB Lee Dorholt, Br. Richard M Schweiger, Br. Gary D Vant, Br. John J Stein, Assisting DR WB , and Acting Master WB David A. Sibben.

Arcana Lodge Awards Night, Monday October 22, 2001

Master John Fosdick, 50-Year Brothers: Alfred Martinsen, Kenneth Skoog, Roger Schnabel, William Sandin and District Representative Allan Furber.


50-Year Brother Alfred Martinsen, Master John Fosdick, and District Representative Allan Furber.


Master John Fosdick, 50-Year Brother Kenneth Skoog and District Representative Allan Furber.


Master John Fosdick, 50-Year Brother Roger Schnabel and District Representative Allan Furber.


Master John Fosdick, 50-Year Brother William Sandin and District Representative Allan Furber.

Brother Sandin with his family


Master Mason Degree, September 22, 2001

New Master Mason Brother Thomas F. Young, Master John Fosdick and Brother Chad E. Anderson.


Unique Marble Floor at Arcana Lodge

Arcana's unique marble Lodge Room Floor which is a representation of the floor in the Middle Chamber of King Solomon's Temple